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Once to Every Man and Nation
Once to Every Man
and Nation

37 Stories of How People Became Bahá'ís

Soft cover, 146 pages

A great gift for seekers! This book brings together 37 heart-warming stories of how people became Bahá'ís. Read about the man who thought a fireside was a place to roast marshmallows, the woman who tried praying as an experiment, the novice climber who got stuck half-way up a mountain, the university student who already knew everything about religion, the minister's daughter who was terrified of death, the military veteran who was searching for an answer - and many more.

The contributors to Once to Every Man and Nation come from all over North America and represent a wide variety of cultural, racial, social and ethnic backgrounds. Young and old, black and white, each with a different experience of life, their very diversity demonstrates the universal appeal of the Bahá'í teachings.

What People Are Saying

"Will be enjoyed by many believers...should inspire readers...thoroughly recommend it." - Bahá'í Reviewing Panel of the United Kingdom

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